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Exploring Baptism Further

Starting in February, here at Grassroots, we began our series Acts: The Kingdom Made Visible. We went chapter-by-chapter seeing how the church was birthed after the ascension of Jesus and the coming of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost. We tracked together as the church grew through the spread of the gospel, and finished it with learning that the story of the church continues. Acts has no ending. It just stops!

It stops with Paul in prison in Rome still proclaiming the gospel and the church moving forward. The church continues to today and two ordinances (or sacraments) that God gave us to be His church and the Kingdom made visible is Communion and Baptism.

This past Sunday we discussed baptism and ended our Gathering together celebrating with baptism some folks that are a part of the church. We covered this topic as in depth as we were able to in 30 or 40 minutes but wanted to supply resources to attempt to answer more questions.

There is a lot of discussion surrounding this topic. We desire to work towards unity and tackle this topic with love and grace. Following are videos, articles and more about baptism, the difference between credo and paedo baptism, why we affirm credo baptism and so much more.

Please check them out and if you have any questions feel free to email me at


Article exploring the historical idea of credo and paedo baptism:

Video exploring if baptism saves you:

Article encouraging unity in the church no matter the mode of baptism:

Sermon and article on John's baptism:

Article discussing the case for paedo baptism:

Article discussing the case for credo baptism:

Book covering why we are credo baptists:




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