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Check in every Thursday on our YouTube channel for any developments surrounding us re-opening on Sundays.

Livestream will still be available. We will go live when the scripture reading and teaching portion of the Gathering begins.

We will maintain good social distance by the following guidelines:

  • No contact (hugs, handshakes, high fives, fist bumps)

  • No coffee bar

  • The offering will be a focus at the end of the gathering with buckets at the back

  • No children's ministries will be offered at this time (please help with social distancing by keeping kids with you and striving to keep them from contact with other kids)

  • Welcome team will remain at doors entire time to ensure they only touch the doors

  • Double doors facing parking lot will be deemed
    "entrance only"

  • Double doors facing the mall will be deemed "exit only"

Acorns will be available as a "cry room" if needed in an emergency.

Teams will disinfect before and after each Gathering. 

We know this is not ideal but for now it is the new normal.

We will look forward to lifting restrictions as we are instructed and we cannot wait to have everyone together again soon!

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